Help tribal governments streamline the bureaucratic processes to efficiently and effectively attract non-tribal businesses and investments and advice on how to start their own tribal corporations.


Economic indicators such as high unemployment rates (46% on the Navajo Nation) and dollars earned by tribal members and governments being spent in border towns ($0.88 on each dollar in Navajo’s case) present clear evidence of existing demand for economic development in Indian country.  Declining taxes and royalties from extractive industries are having a severe impact on tribal budgets (Up to 30% on Navajo), forcing them to find new income sources and reduce government waste or otherwise cut down on services.
McCabe Consulting has a team of professionals who have successfully developed and implemented initiatives addressing these very issues in the private and public sectors.  Because of this dual experience, our team is uniquely equipped with invaluable insight on how to improve government services in a non-disruptive way and know how to best approach private industry concerns doing business in Indian country.
With offices in Albuquerque, NM and Chinle, AZ, McCabe Consulting has a team of subject-matter experts in all the service areas that we offer.  The management team includes Sean McCabe, CPA and Juan Massey, LLM, among other professionals. McCabe Consulting is the only firm in Indian country to offer an array of services comparable to large auditing firms.