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How to Safely Reopen Tribal Enterprises, Employee Policy and Procedure Manuals

Dear Tribal Leaders & Enterprise Operators:

As some tribes begin to see the number of positive COVID-19 cases begin to drop off and begin spending or plan to spend CARES Act funds, many questions remain about how to safely reopen tribal enterprises and safely sending people back to work.

On Navajo, over 900 casino employees are expected to be laid off as Navajo Gaming and other enterprises extend closure timelines to slow the spread of the deadly virus, while other casinos in the state of Arizona are operating with various measures to protect their employees and patrons.

Whenever tribes do decide to reopen their enterprises, they will surely need custom and powerful policies and procedures, built upon CDC guidelines and fitting the unique cultures and circumstances in our Native American communities.
This is important also when we start to think about the legal liability risks that may come with reopening tribal enterprises, having tribal members return to work and measuring that against the financial and economic risk of not reopening.

Our team is here provide insight into how tribes can approach reopening enterprises in a safe and conscious manner and we are inviting you to a webinar next week, part of our COVID-19 & CARES Act series, look out for the registration information
We are finalizing our panel that will include tribal leaders who will voice their concern about reopening enterprises in a round table discussion with our healthcare, medical, and other professionals at McCabe Consulting Group.

Our team will provide information about how tribes can integrate CDC guidelines into their enterprises´current policies and procedures, and provide updates on vaccine developments and access issues facing tribes.

We will also discuss how our team can incorporating COVID-19 guidelines and other data from the CDC and WHO, into existing employment policies and fact sheets for enterprises in Indian Country.
We can assist in the development of these types of polices and protocols:

  • Know the Symptom of COVID-19 
  • How to Prevent the Spread of COVID-19 
  • Company Policies Related to COVID-19 
  • Company Policy Related to Sick Leave 
  • Company Travel Policy Related to COVID-19 
  • Company Safety Policies 

The health and safety of our Native American communities and families is a mission that we take with the most sincerity and integrity.
If you have any questions, please join us for our webinar or contact us directly. We would love to speak with you.

Sean McCabe, CPA, Managing Member

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