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Now is the time to be applying everything we know about the COVID-19 & CARES Act funds

If you have heard about our upcoming Tribal Coronavirus Strategic Response Virtual Summit on Oct. 1-2, you probably have asked yourself, “What is the benefit to me?” and, “Is this important right now, given everything on my plate?”
We understand, and we appreciate everything you do for Tribal communities. We want to strengthen our alliances in Indian Country, and we invite you to attend our two-day virtual summit at NO COST

This is a training opportunity for Tribal nation leadership, enterprises and businesses, and individuals to enhance their knowledge of the pandemic and its effect on Tribal health and economy. 
The summit will peer into the future and bigger picture, applying everything we know about the COVID-19 pandemic, to discover intervention, recovery, and redevelopment strategies.

• We will ask our expert panelist the hard questions that will provoke educational conversations about the interplay between health and economy, such as: 
• How will the health and economic processes be affected?
• How does locking down communities’ impact health and economy? 
• How has the economy affected the pandemic outcomes?  
• What are the risks for audit, cyber security, HIPAA, and others?
• How will health and economy respond to the changing environment?  What is the impact on body systems (cardiology), children (pediatrics), and behavioral and mental health (psychiatry)? 

Think of it… The coronavirus WILL have long-lasting effects and we must consider the threats presented by a second wave of infections, flu season, the coming winter, and reopening commerce.
Although we have seen the rate of infections decrease in the past weeks; Tribal communities are still at most risk from COVID-19 and the aftereffects. Check out these facts, according to the Centers for Disease Control:

• The COVID-19 pandemic is disproportionately affecting American Indian and Alaska Native (AI/AN) persons. 
• The cumulative incidence of laboratory-confirmed COVID-19 among AI/AN persons was 3.5 times higher than among non-Hispanic white persons. 
• Adequate health care and public health infrastructure resources are needed to support a culturally responsive public health effort that sustains the strength of AI/AN communities.

Our summit wants to address these disparities and whatever is coming next for Tribal communities. Join us for all, or part, of our discussions on October 1-2, we would appreciate your input and experiences in these conversations. 
Use the link below to register for the summit at NO COST and please forward this message to anyone you think should attend this summit.

We hope to see you there!


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