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Supply Chain Disruptions Affecting Ability for Tribes to Procure PPE

Dear Tribal Leaders & Enterprise Operators

McCabe CPA & Consulting Group LLC has a doctor of medicine and healthcare organization developer on staff to assist in verifying PPE quality and legitimacy!

Recently New Mexico had an incident of fraud. The New Mexico governor’s office placed an order for 120,000 protective face masks for front-line healthcare workers with an unverified supplier.

In the KQRE report, “Not all face masks are the same. A simple 3-ply surgical mask is fine for the public. The face masks ordered [are] a specialized medical product called an N95 which is commonly used in hospitals,” according to investigative journalist Larry Baker.

New Mexico’s Health Department identified a problem with counterfeit masks in April. Some KN95s are approved by the FDA for use against the Coronavirus and some are not.

The supply chain has been disrupted and uncertainty surrounding COVID-19 leads to this type of impulsive business arrangements. More uncertainty surrounds the current administrations international trade aspirations.

This affects tribes as they work toward reopening their communities, working with experts and those working on the ground, cultivating a better understanding of the issues pertaining to COVID-19 and the ongoing public health concerns.

During these times, McCabe CPA & Consulting Group LLC is proud that we added two accomplished health policy advisors to our team: Travis Renville, MBA (Sisseton Wahpeton Dakota) and Dr. Melvina McCabe, MD (Diné) both bring vantage points in public health and policy.

Renville’s career in healthcare organizational development with Native American Affairs for Presbyterian Health Plans and leading the creation of the first Indian Managed Care Entity (IMCE) designed to improve access and quality of health care on the Navajo Nation.

Equally impressive, Dr. McCabe is a family medicine doctor, a geriatrician, and a professor emeritus at the University of New Mexico School of Medicine Department of Family and Community Medicine.

Combined with our team of financial and economic professions, we can leverage our decades of experience and network healthcare providers and suppliers to ensure PPE is procured, distributed, and stored for the ongoing fight against this virus.

Our team is positioned to partner with tribes to develop comprehensive plans, strategies, and implantation procedures. As new information continues to be released, in the midst of this current crisis, we have assembled a team of CPAs, MD, MBA, MPA, JD, PR, web and IT experts with decades of experience to assist Tribes in all aspects of COVID-19 and CARES Act response.

Along with the challenges to PPE procurement, presents opportunity to update those policies and procedures to expedite products and services while creating opportunities for tribally owned enterprises and small businesses.

Take a look at our resources on the McCabe CPA & Consulting Group LLC websites or contact us directly to learn more about our approach to working with tribal communities.

We look forward to speaking with you.


Sean McCabe, CPA, Managing Member

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