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McCabe CPA Group LLC Tribal CARES Act White Paper

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic the US Government has announced an unprecedented 10 billion dollars in assistance. These new funds come through many different federal departments in the form of grants and most recently fund for the 8 Billion CARES package have started to make its way to Tribal coffers. The first 60% of the allocated 8B is based on population of all Tribes reported in the IHBG formula used by HUD. The first allocation of these funds to the Navajo Nation is equal to just over $600 million. All funds that Tribes receive in this allocation and planned future funding must be spent by December 30, 2020. This may seem a daunting task for tribes that are traditionally not equipped to expend large amounts of funds in such a short period of time that are not guided by traditional grant literature. The McCabe CPA and Consulting Group, LLC is a 100% owned CPA firm that has served Indian Country for the last 15 years and has done much research on this funding, staying abreast of the issues in consulting to Tribes across the country. We present this opinion paper on the considerations the Navajo Nation might consider in administering this money. Our paper visits accounting and compliance implications, Economic Development considerations, Health policies and culture. While this paper is written for the Navajo Nation award, other tribes could consider the following.  

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