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Public Health Policy for Reopening Native American


June 6, 2020

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Public Health Policy for Reopening Native America

Native Health Policy Experts Join McCabe Consulting Group; a division of McCabe CPA Group LLC

ALBUQUERQUE, NM – McCabe CPA Group LLC expands its consulting division, bringing together the most talented Native American professionals to serve tribal communities in their journey toward self-determination, through government policy, economic development and cultural revitalization.

As the world prepares for the new normal, in the era of COVID-19, new data continues to emerge on its origin, modes of transmission, prevention factors, symptoms, treatment, and overall impact.

The McCabe team is emphasizing the importance of developing public health policies for Native America’s re-opening operations with tribal cultural relevance and expertise.

“As tribes begin move toward reopening their communities, enterprises and government offices, our team of native professionals and experts are working to cultivate a better understanding of the issues pertaining to COVID-19 and ongoing public health,” explains founder and managing member, Sean McCabe, CPA.

“For this, we are thrilled to announce the addition of two extremely accomplished health policy advisors to our team, Travis Renville, MBA (Sisseton Wahpeton Dakota) and Melvina McCabe, MD (Diné). Both bring unparalleled vantage points in public health and policy.”

Mr. Renville’s long career in health care and organizational development includes overseeing Native American Affairs for Presbyterian Health Plans and leading the creation of the first Indian Managed Care Entity (IMCE) designed to improve access and quality of health care on the Navajo Nation.

“I worked closely with Sean McCabe and the Naataanii Development Corporation to setup the managed care organization to strengthen tribal sovereignty, tribal self-determination and improve access and quality of healthcare for the Navajo people in New Mexico,” explained Renville.

“This is a great partnership to build capacity and assist tribes in developing an effective approach for reopening communities with health polices and assessment tools, tailored for those communities impacted by COVID-19.”

Equally impressive, Dr. McCabe is a family medicine doctor, a geriatrician, and a professor emeritus at the University of New Mexico School of Medicine Department of Family and Community Medicine.

She committed her research and scholarly pursuits to American Indian and Alaskan Native populations to understand the health conditions and factors that contribute to the health disparities in those communities.

She contends, “Consideration of a comprehensive plan with periodic feedback and evaluation mechanisms, will greatly assist in determining strategies to improve public health initiatives specific to prevention and management programs, guided by health data sets.”

In addition, “Gathering places such as work, schools, universities, tribal colleges, traditional ceremonies, powwows, rodeos, sporting events, and nursing homes to name a few, need to have policies addressing physical distancing and sanitation components.”

With so many public health policies for tribal leaders and administrators to consider, the team is recommending that tribes develop comprehensive strategies and implementation procedures to limit infections and spread of COVID-19 through data collection and analysis methods.

“As new information continues to be released, in the midst of this current crisis, we have assembled a team of CPAs, MD, MBA, MPA, JD, PR, web and IT experts with decades of experience to assist Tribes in all aspects of COVID-19 and CARES Act response,” explained Sean McCabe, CPA.

“Our team will continue to pursue our mission to provide exceptional services and value to tribal communities in their journey toward self-determination, bringing expertise in accounting, policy, business, economy, planning, management, and health care.”

For more information about, CARES funds, reopening plans, and public health policy to mitigate risk of infection and spread of COVID-19, visit www.mccabe.consulting/webinars for resources and schedule a consultation at info@mccabecpa.com.


About McCabe CPA & Consulting Group LLC

“Our mission is to help tribal governments streamline the bureaucratic processes to efficiently and effectively attract non-tribal businesses and investments and advice on how to start their own tribal corporations.” – Sean McCabe, CPA, Founder, Managing Member

McCabe Consulting has a team of professionals who have successfully developed and implemented initiatives addressing high unemployment and demand for economic development, working in both private and public sectors.

Because of this dual experience, the McCabe team is uniquely equipped with invaluable insight on how to improve government services in a non-disruptive way and know how to best approach private industry concerns doing business in Indian country.

Image: (R-L) Travis Renville, MBA and Melvina McCabe, MD joined McCabe CPA & Consulting Group LLC to provide expertise in public health policy for reopening Native American communities.

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