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Richardson, McCabe Partnership for Navajo COVID-19 Relief

June 2, 2020
MEDIA CONTACT: Adrian Dotson
(928) 255-2559 | info@mccabecpa.com

Richardson, McCabe Partnership for Navajo COVID-19 Relief

Photo 1: Richardson, McCabe Partnership for Navajo COVID-19 Relief load a truck of supplies for Navajo families in San Juan county.

Photo 2: (R-L) Sean McCabe, CPA, Shiprock Chapter President Chili Yazzie, Former New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson, and Navajo Nation Council Delegate Eugenia Yazzie.


ALBUQUERQUE, NM – McCabe CPA & Consulting Group LLC and Former Governor Bill Richardson are helping Navajo Nation families in New Mexico who are hit hard by the coronavirus.

Saturday, May 30, Sean McCabe, CPA, Governor Richardson, Navajo Nation Council Delegate Eugenia Yazzie, and Shiprock Chapter President Chili Yazzie came together to discuss needs of their communities and pickup donated COVID-19 Relief items.

McCabe hosted and facilitated the meeting and exchange. He was proud to take part in initiatives to help the Navajo people during this difficult time, he told the press.

He said, “I am the founder and managing member of McCabe CPA Group LLC. We’ve done a lot of work with tribes and part of our mantra is to give-back.”

“So, I’m really proud and honored to be here today with my team… It’s my honor to be a facilitator and we thank Governor Richardson for the [Navajo COVID-19 Relief] donations.”

Richardson and former Navajo President Peterson Zah started the COVID-19 Navajo Families Relief Hey Fund. Through their combined network and influence, they have already donated to various parts of the reservation in New Mexico.

“I want to thank Sean McCabe and his beautiful family for hosting us here today. This is the second event [like this] we’ve had,” said Richardson.

“Two weeks ago, we turned over a number of goods to [Navajo communities in] McKinley County. Today, it’s San Juan County and Shiprock. What we are turning over is face masks, hand sanitizer, diapers.”

Delegate Charles-Newton and Chapter President Yazzie, and on behalf of their communities, expressed their gratitude for this partnership with the governor and the McCabe team for pulling together their resources and allowing them to return with the needed donations.

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